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Ukraine Mission 6 Under Way

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 19, 2017

Alex 187

After a hugely successful mission to Ukraine last month, I am returning to engage in a new and potentially region-changing endeavor.  I have been discussing cooperation between North Carolina medical facilities and universities and those in Lysychansk.  If negotiations are successful it will mean greater care for all in the Luhansk oblast.  I will be departing for UA next week and will be in-country for 3 weeks.

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Ukraine Mission 5 Under Way

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 3, 2017

Alex 165

Today I embark on Mission 5 to the war zone of Ukraine (also called the ATO).  This mission is to achieve the following:  1)  deliver medical equipment to the Lysychansk Children’s Hospital, 2) teach conversational English, 3) teach human trafficking awareness.  This will be the longest mission thus far but also the most important.  Thank you all for being incredibly supportive of me and my charity’s work!

PS:  A special Thank You to my ex-wife, Sarah, without whom none of this would have been possible.


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Medical Aid for East Ukraine

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 16, 2017

Donated by our friends at Samaritan’s Purse are an ECG, autoclave, and a pediatric surgical kit.  These will be delivered personally when I return to Lysychansk, Ukraine, early next month.

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Ukraine – Request for Medical Equipment for the Children’s Hospital

Posted by worldorphanrelief on April 20, 2017

I am in need of the following for the new Pediatric Trauma department of the Lysychansk Children’s Hospital:

1) Autoclave
2) Any pediatric trauma surgical instruments

I will be taking these items with me on June 1st for my next mission to UA. I thank you in advance for your assistance!

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Missions 2017

Posted by worldorphanrelief on April 19, 2017

Preparations continue for two in-country missions this year – Ukraine and DR Congo. These will be highly dangerous endeavors but worth the risk to help save a few lives. Don’t forget that The Fishermen was created to go where others fear to travel – it is what we do.

I will keep you posted on our missions as best as possible. As you know, planning for any action in a conflict zone is complicated due to the unpredictable nature of war…especially the DR Congo. That being said, we are expecting a departure date for Ukraine on June 1 and Congo in October.

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Posted by worldorphanrelief on April 6, 2017

I wish to apologize for not keeping our posts current here at WordPress as we are using our Facebook page for most of our updates (  I will make sure that all Facebook posts will also appear here.  Thank you for continuing to follow our work!

Alex Gowen, Director

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New Deputy Director Named

Posted by worldorphanrelief on February 19, 2016

Catherrine Maher

I would like to formally announce Catherine Maher as the new Deputy Director of The Fishermen. Should I fall Catherine will take over the responsibilities of the charity. Welcome aboard, Catherine!

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Ukraine Mission 3 Departure in 3 days!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on February 19, 2016

List 1 Page 2 JPG

Ukraine Mission 3 will commence on Monday, February 22 and end on March 9, 2016.  I will be traveling alone to the war zones of Ukraine to teach children about explosive dangers.  Millions of  landmines, IEDs, artillery shells, grenades, and other ERWs litter the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk and present a very real danger to every man, woman, and child for decades to come.  It is my job and that of The Fishermen to teach the children about how to identify and avoid these threats to life and limb.  During this time I will also be assisting wounded at the Lysychansk Children’s Hospital and others field services in need of medical personnel. The cities in while I will be teaching are as follows:

Lysychansjk: schools # 8, 27, 28, lyceum
Nyzhnie: 1 school
Trojitske: 1 school
Shchastia: 2 schools
Sevierodonetsjk: 1 school

It is important to note that Ukraine Mission 3 is a joint venture with the Standing rock Lakota Sioux tribe.  During my travels I will be presenting the ways of the Sioux and representing the people to the best of my abilities.



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On Why Ukraine Mission 3 is Important

Posted by worldorphanrelief on November 2, 2015

The following articles clearly exemplifies the absolute need for our presence in Ukraine. We must educate children…and adults…on the dangers of unexploded ordinance (UXOs). This knowledge will not only save lives in the immediate future, but also for decades to come. Did you know that farmers in France and Belgium die every year to bombs left over from WWI? That was 100 years ago. Please read so that you have a better understanding of why our mission is so incredibly vital.

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Update Ukraine Mission 3

Posted by worldorphanrelief on November 2, 2015

Due to unforeseen complications we had to move our departure date from October 26 to December 12.  We have resubmitted our request for tickets and expect to have a solid departure date within a week.  Our schedule is dependent upon available seats so it is not certain the actual date of departure but it will be near our requested date.

I am happy to announce that Ava Cartner and Jennifer Sanders will be joining mission 3 while my brother, Frankie Jay Bull, will be delivering the supplies collected by The a Fishermen for delivery to the Standing Rock Reservation. Unfortunately, Angela Lipari will not be able to travel with us but we are already preparing for mission 4 and she will join us then.

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