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Update Valya

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 31, 2019

As you may recall, I took on a stage 4 Lymphoma patient in Ukraine (fundraising only) last January. Her name is Valya, and she is a great and courageous person whose strength I admire.

Valya is now on her 2nd to last chemo session and is doing very well! The funds I was able to raise (200 + 45 bank transfer fee) was successfully delivered the other day…after many weeks of complications. A large sum for a person with my diverse financial needs but a tiny amount when it comes to trying to save a life.

I made a promise that if she beats her cancer I would pay for her to see Venice. It is her dream. I expect this day will come. Please keep her in your prayers as she is in mine…every day.


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Volunteers Needed

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 20, 2019

We are seeking volunteers to join us for field operations in harsh mission zones. This is in keeping with my recent announcement that we are returning to the original purpose of The Fishermen, which is to assist people where other NGOs cannot. We prefer a solid team but understand that participation will be based on your availability.
1) Combat experience highly preferred.
2) Medical experience preferred.
3) Ability to remain on-location for 2 weeks minimum preferred.
4) Excellent communication and diplomatic skills required.
5) Ability to work with children…especially special needs…required.
6) Ability to operate in hostile environments required.
Our basic expectation is for you to work in coordination with UN agencies on-location, as well as provide medical aid and assistance to orphanages and refugees in complicated jurisdictions and under harsh conditions. Actual combat conditions are unlikely, but absolutely possible. The majority of what we are to accomplish is what we have done since the beginning: deliver medical supplies/services, comfort the people, provide hope, and assist in evacuation efforts when needed. We operate on our own but coordinate with UN agencies whenever possible.
Occupations of particular interest are as follows:
1) Combat Medic
2) Nurse
3) Paramedic
4) Psychologist
5) Social Workers
6) Teachers
Again, we need volunteers. There are no rewards, benefits, or paychecks. We are in this to save lives – nothing more…nothing less. If interested please contact me directly. I hope to hear from you.

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Fishermen Announcement

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 13, 2019

Alex 93
Sarah and I created The Fishermen to respond to calls in places others dare not tread. I kept this goal alive but believe that in the past few years I have become soft, choosing known targets over dangerous ones because they are easier…cheaper. This ends today.
Effective immediately, I am reinstating the original concept of The Fishermen and placing harsh targets back on the list. Priority will be based on urgency, not convenience. If there are people in need who are not being accessed by aid agencies, we will take the call. Remember – this is who we are.
Ukraine Mission 10 will remain on the roster as well as Colombia Mission 2. They are set and will not be cancelled. Working with UNHRC in CO remains a primary task, as is alleviating the crisis in Venezuela. Mission announcements to harsh targets will be censored for security purposes.
I thank you all for your continued support. I am unsure where we will go after UA 10 and CO 2, but Kate and I can promise that wherever we land, we will make a difference.
Photo:  On the way to assist an orphanage under fire in Shchastya, 2014.

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Ukraine Mission 10 Under Way

Posted by worldorphanrelief on April 27, 2019

In the next few days I will announce the departure date of UA Mission 10.  During my time in Ukraine I will spend time with Valya – my Lymphoma patient, Dasha, Nicol, and Misha, as well as visit the Lysychansk State Medical College, the Lysychansk Maternity Hospital, and the Lysychansk Children’s Hospital.  A lot must be accomplished so wish me luck as I will be without my co-director on this mission!

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Posted by worldorphanrelief on April 26, 2019

I was recently awarded a medal by the government of Ukraine for helping her people.  It is an extreme and unexpected honor.

As I approach my 10th mission to UA, I look back at all which has been achieved by not just me, but my team and…especially…my co-director, Kate Mitchenko.  I could not have done it without her.  This is also extremely true of my co-founder, Sarah Blocher, as she and I created The Fishermen together.

I thank every one of you for your support as you, too, have been an indispensable part of of my charitable endeavors.  WE make the world better together – it is never the act of one person acting alone.

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We Need Our Co-Founder Back

Posted by worldorphanrelief on April 9, 2019

Sarah is the real reason The Fishermen exists.  She was the one who insisted that she and I create a corporate entity instead of just going it alone.  Everything that has happened since then…every single life saved…is because of her.

Now that we are engaging in assistance operations with ACNUR in Medellin, Colombia, we need her…more than ever.  Sarah knew how to operate medical supply missions.  She knew how to talk organizations into providing us with the equipment we needed, as well cargo companies to agree to free shipping.

With me fully engaged in field missions, I need someone reliable back home running the supply chain.  But…I know that Sarah is involved in important work of her own and we are all super proud of her.  For the time being, let it be known that she is always very much welcome to join us.  Her position will forever be left open as there can only be one co-founder…only one Sarah Blocher.

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Wrap-Up of Colombia/Venezuela Mission 1

Posted by worldorphanrelief on April 9, 2019

Rosie 6

I came here to effectuate grand things…and wound up accomplishing far more.

For a small charity such as ours, assisting UNHCR is a major endeavor requiring a consistent presence and restructuring of our entire operation. We are up for the challenge.

I also gained an amazing family, and one who I look so very much forward to seeing again. Best part – they are all helping me help the people!

Finally, I have assessed the security issue and identified where in the aid process we fit in best. This means that I can finally incorporate the team on future missions…something I have been wanting to do for years.

In conclusion, Colombia/Venezuela Mission 1 was a great success. We will be seeing far more of this beautiful country and its people in the days and months to come.

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My Thoughts on our Pending Congo Mission

Posted by worldorphanrelief on March 7, 2019

Congo 3

I have been a world traveler my entire life, so seeing new lands is wonderful but commonplace. The true beauty is…and has always been…in the people.

It is for this reason that I am looking so very much forward to our upcoming mission to Congo. Everyone I have met from the DRC has been so full of life and love that their souls almost outshine the sun. It is a rare and beautiful quality.

Kate and I are still a “go” for Congo Mission 1 in late July/early August. Armed with her new camera she will be able to capture images which will take you by the hand and have you join us on our adventure. This mission is important to both us…The Fishermen…and the people of Congo, so wish us luck in making it happen.

Photo: Congolese girls at a UNFPA Women-Friendly Place


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Ukraine Mission 10 Announcement

Posted by worldorphanrelief on March 7, 2019

Almost immediately upon my return from Colombia I will depart for Ukraine. This will be my 3rd mission for 2019.

The focus of UA Mission 10 is to deliver supplies to the Lysychansk Maternity Hospital, visit the Lysychansk State Medical College, teach English in Bakhmut, assess the needs of the hospital in Popasna, and spend time with friends and family.

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A Message from the Director of The Fishermen

Posted by worldorphanrelief on March 2, 2019

I am supremely honored that I…as director of The Fishermen…have some of the world’s best medical officers ready to help the people. Now that Kate and I have expanded our operational theater, our time to serve together in the field has finally arrived. Thank you all for your support and unbelievable skills. You are the best…and we will save the lives of many who have no hope.

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