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On Fishermen Recruitment and Jedi Knights

Posted by worldorphanrelief on August 16, 2015

Sarah and I created our charity to assist orphanages and refugees in areas where other NGOs feared to tread. We also served as an example to show that it didn’t matter who you are or what you do in order to make the world better. Somewhere along the way we got off our path and became somewhat conventional. When I delved into the horrible quagmire which is the DR Congo I lost a lot of people – presumably because they felt it was a lost cause. Though they were right ($7k worth of supplies were stolen) fact remains that we tried to get back to our roots. It wasn’t until Ukraine that The Fishermen’s course was once again true.

I am now in the process of recruiting new staff members so that we can be what we were meant to be. I need fresh minds, adventurous souls, and the bravest of the brave to go and do what must be done to save the people. I need real-world Jedi Knights. Together we can make a difference. If you feel you are ready, contact us. We will be expecting you. If you wish to learn more about us please visit our website:

PS: If you wish to do field work you MUST be willing to face gunfire.


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