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It is time for us to honor two of our unsung heroes:

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 25, 2008

Since our inception, two individuals have devoted much of their time and energy to helping our organization. They have made our present efforts and our hopes for the future possible.

Richard Gowen has been incredibly helpful in assisting us with tax-related questions.

Nick Castillo has very generously donated his time and web space to create the official Fishermen website.

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Dear Golden Goss

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 20, 2008

Our email to you in response to your comment was returned.

Just so that you know, there are many wonderful opportunities in the area.

You may contact North Carolina Center for Nonprofits for job listings and other information.

What are your interests and areas of expertise?

Message In response to:

hey guys I am considering aid work as a career change. I google searched under aid relief in Raleigh and found you site. I enjoyed the info I read on you site and was wondering if there is opportunity to get involved here in Raleigh? Would love to hear back.

grace and peace
golden goss

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Recent Developments

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 20, 2008

We are happy to announce that we have filed our 501(C)3 paperwork with the IRS.

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A Warm Welcome to Surya Shrestha!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 19, 2008

Surya Shrestha is a native of Nepal, looking to start his own orphanage.

This is his story:
Surya was born to a poor family in the countryside of Nepal. Growing up for him, things we take for granted, like proper food, clothing, and health care were not readily available. His parents played a big role in his life, and in his education. His parents worked very hard to provide as best as they could for his. Still, Surya had to work in his rich neighbors’ homes and on their farms for very little pay to afford schooling.

After passing standardized tests, Surya traveled to Kathmandu to continue his studies. His brother was working for a trekking company as a guide. He began university, supported by his brother for a few months, until he too joined the company part-time to pay for school. He now has a bachelor’s degree in commerce and is studying for his MBA. Surya has his own travel and tourism company based in Kathmandu. He has also volunteered his time and ingenuity to several NGOs. His next project is to establish an orphanage for orphaned and impoverished children.

Through his work, he has visited much of rural Nepal and seen the poor and orphaned children first hand. Surya’s inspiration to help the children of Nepal is the memory of his own childhood hardships. His goal is to provide orphaned, abandoned, and impoverished children in the basic necessities: being food, shelter, health care and an education.

Surya needs help coordinating nationally and internationally, establishing himself and building a network with social workers and organizations to make his dream come true!
He has very generously shared his story, and his mission with us.
He has also given us the go-ahead to post his information on this site so that those who wish to aid in his vision can contact him:


Surya Shrestha

G.P.O. Box: 15142 KPC 722, Nayabazaar, Kathmandu, Nepal

Telephone: +977-1-2093291

Mobile: +977-9851068259


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An Overview of Nepal

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 19, 2008

Basic Information on Nepal:

Information Sources:

· The WHO Website

· CIA World Factbook

· Reuters

· Orphanages:

Chetana Children’s Center

Hope and Home

Destitute and Orphan Children Safeguarding Foundation of Nepal

Namaste Children’s House

A list of Nepalese orphanages you can contact is available on

Geopolitical Overview and Statistics on Orphaned/Abandoned Children:

· Located between the huge countries of India and China, Nepal is among the poorest and least developed countries in the world with 42% of its population living below the poverty line.

· One in three children drop out of school.

· One estimate states that 10,000 children have been orphaned, and more than a 100,000 forced to leave their villages.

· Unemployment rate: 42% (2004 est.).

· Population below poverty line: 30.9% (2004).

Child Mortality:

· 27,000 children die of dysentery every year.

· Every year sixty thousand children die before they their reach 5th birthday.

Child Labor:

· 2.6 million children are engaged in different sectors of child labor.

· At least 40,000 children are bonded laborers.

· Over 5,000 children are working and living on the streets.

· Half of street children earn a meager living, around NPRs (Nepalese Rupees) 25 per day (US$ 0.3 per day) by rag picking.

· UNICEF 1996: In Nepal there are estimated to be 26,000 children of the street, i.e. those who both work and live in the street. There are an additional 3,700 children on the street, i.e. those who live with their families but spend most of their time playing and working in the street.

· The 1981 census showed that 60% of children in the 10 to 14 age group were economically active, but an altered definition meant that the 1991 census estimated that it was 23% of all 10 to 14 year olds.

· These are the ones in some kind of regular employment (i.e. not lone street children) Children tend to work at least 8 or 10 hours per day, but mostly do not earn more than about NPRs 16 per day (US$ 0.2 per day). Of urban child workers, around one quarter have received work injuries.


· Less than half of orphaned children are literate; and of those who are, most are barely literate as a result of non-formal education programmes such as the Children’s Feeding Project (one organisation which is supported by the Trust).

· 73% of women 15 years or older are illiterate.


· Food Crisis

· Out of 2.5 million disabled people, among them 5 % are children.


· There is only one Children’s Hospital.

· 450 pregnant mothers out of 100,000 die in childbirth every year.

· Only 4% of women are attended by trained health workers during childbirth.

· Nepal is one of more than 20 countries have serious problems of malnutrition and stunted growth as a result of the food crisis that has set back anti-poverty efforts by years- the World Health Organization.

· The first case of HIV in Nepal was reported in 1988. Since then the Nepali government statistics list under 60,000 cases, while The World Health Organization (WHO) actually reported over 200,000 cases of HIV, a much more realistic number. CIA World Factbook Reports 61,000.

Sexual Exploitation / Illegal Human Trafficking:

· Nepal has the number one child disappearance rate in the world.

· Annually 12,000 women and children are trafficked to India.

· 34 % of marriages are children under 15 years of age.

· According to the WHO, Kathmandu is a major center of prostitution.

· There is a far greater proportion of boys than girls among the street children. A major cause of this imbalance is that many girls are duped into sexual exploitation. It is difficult to know how many are involved in this. In 1996 UNICEF estimated that each year, 4,000 to 5,000 girls between 10 and 14 years old are trafficked to India.

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Our Third Proposal Was Just Mailed Off!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 19, 2008

Big news, folks! Today we were very excited to deliver our proposal to the Permanent Mission of the Islamic Republic of Iran to the United Nations. We wish to establish a relationship with the government and orphanages of Iran. Our goal is to deliver medical supplies, and provide basic medical training to orphaned and abandoned children.

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World Orphan Relief Effort Addition

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 18, 2008

We are expanding our program to include the very important issue of

Unexploded Ordinance Awareness and Prevention:

Thousands of children in former war zones are maimed or killed every year by unexploded mines, artillery shells, and aerial bombs.  Our Unexploded Ordinance Awareness and Prevention Program will educate orphaned children and orphanage administrators on how to identify and avoid these threats.

Eventually we will begin seeking qualified volunteers who will travel to orphanages in former war zones to educate children in awareness and recognition of un-detonated munitions.

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The Christian Mission Home of Champions Orphanage in Benguema, Waterloo

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 17, 2008

The Christian Mission Home of Champions

The Christian Mission Foster Homes For Orphans (CMFO)

Mr. Alpha Bangura, National Director of The Christian Mission Foster Homes For Orphans (CMFO)

Inside the facility

The Children of The Christian Mission Foster Homes For Orphans (CMFO) Program

Photographs : Courtesy of Director Alpha Bangura

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Hey, check out these links!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 12, 2008

Center for Disease Control









World Health Organization


Anti-Slavery International

Human Rights Watch

International Crisis Group

Radio Free Europe





Orthodox Christian Mission Center

Jesuit Relief Service

Jesuit Refugee Service

Catholic Relief Service

Doctors Without Borders

Operation Blessing

American Red Cross

International Red Cross and Red Crescent

Feed the Children

Catholic World Mission

International Medical Core

Amnesty International



Oxfam America

United Way International

The Carter Center

The Peace Corps

World Vision International

Goodwill International

Salvation Army

World Bicycle Relief

Doc to Dock

U.S. Africa Children’s Fellowship

The Global Fund to Fight Aids, Tuberculosis, and Malaria (in English)

Partners in Health

Save the Children

Young Arab Leaders

Samaritan’s Purse

Women for Women International

Boys’ and Girls’ Club of America

Church World Service

International Service Agencies

Plan International


American Refugee Committee


American Leprosy Foundation

American Jewish World Service



ACCION International


Christian Children’s Fund


Catholic Medical Mission Board


Helping Hands Medical Missions

Freedom from Hunger

Friends of SOS Children’s Villages, Inc.

Health Volunteers Overseas

Heifer Project International

Hellen Keller International

The International Eye Foundation

International Rescue Committee

The International Youth Foundation

Lutheran World Relief

Near East Foundation

Opportunity International


The Pearl S. Buck Foundation, Inc.

Project Hope



Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

World Relief

World Education

World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts

Boy Scouts of America

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Sierra Leone-The Christian Mission Home of Champions

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 11, 2008


Christian Mission Home of Champions

Christian Mission Home of Champions

MAILING ADDRESS : Christian mission Home of Champions
C/o 12f City Road, Wellington,
Freetown, Sierra Leone.
West Africa.



PHONE NUMBER: 0023277231240


The children of Sierra Leone have been forgotten in the wake of 11 years of civil war. The area is peaceful, but many children remain orphaned or abandoned, and even those with families wander the streets looking for food or employment. By the thousands, they have been left to fend for themselves.

Child abuse has reached an epidemic level. During the war, ‘child soldiers’ were adopted into armies, given illicit drugs, and made to fight. Post-war, many children roam the streets and endure abuse in the sex trade as well as other forms of abuse to earn their living. Young girls especially are victims of cruelty.

Poor health conditions abound, on top of an overall of lack adequate food, clothing, and shelter. Their guardians cannot afford school fees. Most children are not in school.

The Christian Mission Home of Champions provides food, clothing, basic education and medical assistance to orphaned, destitute, abandoned, neglected and abused children.

The Christian Mission Home of Champions also seeks to provide a vocational education to help provide a future for these children.

Despite their best efforts, resources are spread thin. Financial needs are great and food crisis is a constant reality.

In their care at present are a total of 60 children, and need immediate assistance from so that they may clothe, feed, and teach them. The needs of their facility are as follows:

Food stuffs: Bags of rice, corn meal, corn flower and any kind of food products that provide basic nutrition.

Educational needs: exercise books, text books, school shoes and bags, toys, foot balls, volley balls, teaching aid (visual aid) materials, pens, pencils, crayons etc.

Clothing: Ages ranging 5 years to 20 years both boys and girls.

Medicine and medical supplies.

Training for orphans and other sets of vulnerable children living in poor rural communities is very much needed. A VOCATIONAL TRAINING CENTER will train the children and youths in various skills to enable them to become self reliant. There is a very high rate of school drop outs.

Vocational training machines and materials:
Like computers and its components parts, printers, scanners, Generator, tailoring machines, carpentry tools or machines, soap making machines, welding machines etc. There is a great need financial assistance too in order to run the organization.

Volunteers: For the children living both in the orphanage and Foster Care Homes, as well as to teach in the primary school.

Individuals gifted in project writing, website designing, community development and social as well as health services.

Funding: Acquiring money is no easy task. So many of the children under the care of the Mission are badly in need of food, education, and medical attention. The Mission does its best but has too little at hand. The Mission needs basic operating capital. Funding is also badly needed to construct the primary and vocational schools, which are presently contained in a structure built in the land.

Funding is needed to construct a house to accommodate volunteers.

A major challenge of the orphanage is that it is located on a wide expanse of flat land and the Mission is ill-equipped to undertake the development of the land.

Personal Needs:

• Lap tops to keep up to date proper record system.

• Transportation: automotive vehicle, motor bike and bicycles.

• Office furniture and stationery.

A Note About The Christian Mission Home Of Champions:

Any help for this organization will be greatly appreciated. Contact them and volunteer your time . . . or make a donation . . . either way, you will make a connection!

Every little bit counts; every little bit is one step forward toward rebuilding the infrastructure of Sierra Leone and providing a future for her people.

With very little effort, you can make first-hand a very real, very big difference in the life of another human being, in the life of a child.

The Fishermen

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