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Playground for Special Needs Children

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 10, 2019

Special Needs Playground 2
Ukraine has an abundance of wonderful special needs kids. I love them all. But I have noticed that there are little to no playgrounds that are suitable for children with mobility and/or mental complications.
Last night I contemplated what it would take to build a playground specifically for special needs kids (I believe they are called Inclusive Playgrounds). Additionally, I want to sponsor classes which will help their parents understand how to work with their disabilities. It will be a massive endeavor, but if achieved it would be a great step forward for all.
At this point I am looking for ideas about how the above may be accomplished. If you have thoughts I want to hear them!!!
Photo: An Inclusive Playground.

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Possible Medical Mission to Venezuela

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 9, 2019

Venezuala HRW

Venezuela has been suffering a horrific and ongoing humanitarian crisis, the result of which is the mass exodus of almost 4 million citizens to surrounding countries. It is the largest migration problem the region has endured in recent history. People have given up their jobs and homes to escape rampant violence, starvation, and lack of medical services.

As you know, I have been addressing this issue from Colombia and established relations with UNHCR ACNUR to assist Venezuelan refugees in Medellin. This is not enough. Those who remain in Venezuela are suffering terrible hardships and we must answer the call.

Discussions are currently under way to decide if and how we may help the people inside Venezuela. The complicating factor is the extreme possibility of violence and/or incarceration. Our focus will be on medicine and related services. Time is critical so we will make a ruling quickly.

Photo: The people continue endure harsh living conditions due to the lack of humanitarian aid.

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