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New Country-Level Statistical Report on Orphanages and Orphaned Children Coming Soon

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 30, 2012

Orphanage in Balykchy, Kyrgyzstan, in need of repairs

We will be releasing our latest country-level report in the next few weeks and will post the document on both our UN page as well as our website. Should your NGO have a need for accurate, up-to-date statistics and health information on orphanages and orphaned children please feel free to contact us.


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Children’s “Basic Medical Care” Handbook Progressing Rapidly

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 22, 2012

Photo taken when my brother and I were visiting American Indian Reservations in North and South Dakota in 1996


Work on our children’s medical guide entitled “Basic Medical Care” is progressing rapidly. The sections containing text are complete and Joanna and Sarah will begin work on illustrations next week. To simplify the handbook and limit overwhelming the end-user we have decided to divide the publication into two versions – one for preteens using child-friendly images and simple instructions, and the second aimed at young adults with a heavier use of text. The preteen version has a current release date of August 1st, 2012. We will keep you posted as we draw near completion of this vital health care tool for children without access to medical aid.

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Thank You For Your Support!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 19, 2012

Founder Alex Gowen in Kyrgyzstan, 2005

Since our creation in 2005 we have had the honor of helping orphaned children 14 countries.  This noteworthy accomplishment is made possible due to a combination of creative management, a great team of volunteers, cooperative efforts with fellow NGOs and the federal government, and donations from our generous supporters.  Thank you, everyone, for believing in us and our cause!  Below is a current list of countries in which we have provided support:

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Democratic Republic of the Congo
  3. Kenya
  4. Kyrgyzstan
  5. Nepal
  6. Nigeria
  7. Pakistan (Gilgit-Baltistan)
  8. Republic of Moldova
  9. Russia
  10. Sierra Leone
  11. Tajikistan
  12. The Gambia
  13. Uganda
  14. Uzbekistan

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Refugee Children to be Given a Separate Department

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 19, 2012

Founders Alex and Sarah preparing aid shipment for Kyrgyzstan in 2010

We will be creating a new project area to directly engage the complex but critical issue regarding orphaned children residing in refugee camps around the world.  Though we have been assisting refugees since our inception, we feel that only by organizing a separate department capable of autonomous operation will this matter be acceptably addressed.  A new director has been identified and interviewed and will begin working on this project area within the next few months.  This director will be working closely with UN agencies and NGO field offices in order to effectively provide care for these children.  As details emerge on this endeavor we will provide you with updates.

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New Medical Information Section to be Added to Our Website!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 19, 2012

Joanna LiVecchi


Joanna LiVecchi has prepared an online resource to be added to our website which will assist orphanage administrators with critical health issues.  Categories include Dental Hygiene – with special care considerations for children with Down and Fetal Alcohol Syndrome – nutrition, Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS, and Communicable Disease Identification and Control.  Additionally, Joanna is researching ground-breaking methods to provide dental hygiene to children living in areas without access to clean water and will post her findings as information on reputable products becomes available.  This new section is a necessary tool in our effort to help orphanages become medically self-sufficient and will be up and running by July 1st, 2012.


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Email Problems

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 13, 2012

We have been receiving comments that email messages sent to our main address ( are being returned to sender.  We apologize for this inconvenience.  If you have been experiencing complications communicating with us please feel free to use our alternate address:  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Project Directors Needed!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 13, 2012

Sudanese children – UNICEF


As we expand we need to maintain equal focus on all of our projects as they are all of critical importance to the children whom we protect.  Due to our substantial growth over the past few years we are in need of directors to manage these projects.  The Fishermen is calling for experienced volunteers who can undertake the following and develop his/her own plan of action to include budget proposal and maintenance, fundraising/material support, and education material/seminars:

1. HIV/Aids Awareness and Prevention

GOAL:  HIV/AIDS is an epidemic prevalent in all regions of the world.  By teaching children how to effectively prevent the transmission of the HIV/AIDS virus, as well as identifying its signs and symptoms, we hope to keep them safe from this deadly illness.


2. Drug Awareness and Prevention

GOAL:  Being orphaned is a terrible experience, making escape from reality an appealing option to many traumatized children. We endeavor to teach orphans how to avoid substance abuse and concentrate on their futures.


3. Tuberculosis Awareness and Prevention

GOAL:  Tuberculosis is a deadly respiratory disease that can be found world- wide, especially in developing countries.  Our awareness and prevention program will help orphaned children and orphanage administrators identify this illness and provide methods by which it may be avoided.  The goal of this program is to keep these children and their caretakers safe from this highly infectious disease.


4. Illness Detection and Prevention

GOAL:  Children in orphanages are typically housed in very cramped quarters, making the spread of disease a constant threat.  Teaching children and administrators how to recognize the onset of common illnesses, as well as methods to prevent their transmission, will help keep these children healthy.


5. Hygiene Awareness and Care

GOAL:  Hygiene awareness is of great importance for children and young adults.  Hygienic care prevents the transmission of disease, and in many cases orphaned children have not received proper counseling regarding personal cleanliness.  We intend to provide the information and tools necessary to help them achieve a long and healthy life.


6. Education Support

GOAL:  We encourage a continuous and effective education for children in orphanages and refugee camps.  By providing these children with the supplies they need to attend class, as well as volunteers to help with tutoring and transportation, we hope to ensure that they will be able to achieve a well-rounded education.


7. Counseling for Childbirth/Care

GOAL:  Pregnancy and child-rearing for a young single mother can seem like an impossible challenge.  This project will educate soon-to-be mothers and orphanage administrators about pregnancy, childbirth, and how to provide for their child and themselves.


8.  Prevention of Human Trafficking

GOAL:  Human trafficking is a horrible enterprise which can be found in almost all of the countries in which we operate.  Though we cannot fight the crime we can prevent the act through awareness.

9. Physical Therapy

GOAL:  Due to conflict or birth defect, there are many orphaned children who are missing limbs or are otherwise handicapped.  Outside the US, most countries are not handicapped-friendly.  These children need all the help they can get in order to function effectively in society.  Of all the children who need our care, these are the ones who need us the most. Our desire is to provide information, prosthetic limbs, and therapy to prepare these children for life outside the orphanage.


10. Landmine and UXO Awareness and Avoidance

GOAL:  Thousands of children in current and former war zones are maimed or killed every year by landmines and other UXOs.  Our Landmine and UXO Awareness and Avoidance program will educate orphaned children and orphanage administrators how to identify and avoid these threats.


If you are interested please send us your resume and references.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Arabic Version of our “Do Not Touch” Coloring Book Ready for Distribution!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 12, 2012


Thanks to local language tutor Emad Elbialy, who donated his time to translate our “Do Not Touch” coloring book into Arabic, we are now ready to begin distributing our publication to children in the MENA area. Thank you, Emad, for helping us make the world a safer place!

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Slow but Strong Beginnings

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 7, 2012

Founder Alex Gowen at our storage facility

We have learned the value of having trusted personnel on the ground to ensure the safe delivery and distribution of our medical supplies.  As a result, over the next few months we will be recruiting additional staff members with regional experience in order to expand our operations both efficiently and safely.  It is our desire to help as many children as possible, and with strong-willed, knowledgeable facilitators securing our supplies in-country we will enjoy a much higher degree of success.  Our methodical approach to vetting orphanages, establishing safe and affordable shipping routes, and taking lessons from seasoned veterans has been tedious and at times painful process, but we do not want to lose your donations unnecessarily.  We hope you appreciate our slow development in favor of a secure infrastructure.  Thank you for your patience!

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“Do Not Touch” Being Translated into Arabic, Farsi/Pashto, Hebrew, and Serbo/Croatian

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 6, 2012

Cover of the English version of our DNT coloring book

We are happy to announce that our team is hard at work translating our Do Not Touch coloring book into Arabic, Farsi/Pashto, Hebrew, and Serbo/Croatian for immediate distribution to orphanages in the MENA area and the Balkans.  With local copy shops donating their printing services we will soon be shipping our publication to children around the world.  If you wish to donating printing/shipping or assist us with distribution please contact us immediately!

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