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Website Update in Progress!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 31, 2012

Photo from 2005 when I took the kids to an amusement park in Bishkek, KG

We are currently reorganizing our website ( so that it reflects our current structure and relays our most recent activities. Please be sure to check it out when it is back up and running.

As part of our service to the world community and the United Nations we will begin posting our regional and country specific statistical reports on orphaned and abandoned children. We’ve already completed documents on Afghanistan and Gilgit/Baltistan, and will soon be posting our research on Tajikistan within the next few weeks. We hope that the information we provide will assist other NGOs in their work to help those in need.


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Help Us Spend Time with Children at Local Orphanages!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 31, 2012

Richard Wilcon

Staff member Richard Wilson recently created a Fishermen program for us to spend time at local children’s homes.  This initiative will commence later this summer.  Whether it is to deliver toys or help with tutoring, we will do our very best to provide what we can for children in need whom are close to home.  If you have an interest in helping us with this program we welcome you to contact us for details.  Thanks, Richard!

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Teaching ESL Classes to Help the Community

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 31, 2012

Sarah Gowen

Occasionally we engage in endeavors which are not a part of our mission.  We believe it is never an acceptable excuse to dismiss someone in need by declaring that their problem is none of our business or outside our charter.

To assist recent immigrants and refugees settle into their new lives in our area, Sarah has been helping them learn English.  This initiative was orchestrated by Saint Raphael Catholic Church.  Great work, Sarah!

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Gathering Hygiene Supplies for Kyrgyzstan

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 31, 2012

Natalie Tita

Natalie Tita and Sarah Gowen will be working closely together in the coming weeks to generate funds and supplies for our hygiene initiative for orphanages in Kyrgyzstan.  Together they will be able to provide children in Balykchy and Bishkek with the items they need in order to live happier, healthier lives.  Thanks Natalie and Sarah!

If you wish to help we are in need of soap, hand sanitizer, anti-lice shampoo, nail clippers, cotton swabs, iodine swabs, alcohol pads, feminine hygiene supplies, and regular shampoo and conditioner.  Please contact us for delivery details.

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Please Support Local Homeless Centers!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 24, 2012

Sarah holding hygiene kits to be delivered to the Helen Wright Center for Women

On Wednesday, May 23 of 2012, Sarah and I dropped off 42 hygiene kits – consisting of shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap – to the Helen Wright Center for Women in Raleigh, NC.  We endeavor to do whatever we can to help all people even if it is not within our charter, so as we travel or whenever we have extra money we collect hygiene supplies so that they may be delivered to those in need.  Please join us and do what you can for the less fortunate around you.  Even the smallest gesture means a lot to those who have so little.

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Join Our Effort to Educate Children about Landmines and UXOs

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 20, 2012

The Fishermen has joined the global effort to protect children from landmines and other UXOs by producing a free “Do Not Touch” coloring book.  We deeply appreciate the assistance being offered by other NGOs and the US Department of State to make this publication readily available to those in need.  If you are interested in donating printing and/or distribution services please contact us immediately.  By helping us you will be saving lives.

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Welcome Aboard, Natalie Tita!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 8, 2012

We welcome Natalie Tita as a permanent volunteer with The Fishermen.  Natalie is a student from Clayton High School who assists with fundraising.  She is interested in foreign aid and enjoys helping raise money for good causes.  Born to immigrant parents, Natalie has grown up in very culturally diverse communities, and has acquired the tendency to appreciate the beauty and strength of other cultures.  She will graduate from Clayton High School in the spring and will attend NC State University in the fall with a major in biology.  Natalie plans to pursue a career in medicine.

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