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A Proposal from the Directors of The Fishermen

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 14, 2018

As I watched Florence come and go it reminded me of our work. The storm will always pass…it never stays…and leaves behind whatever mess it created. The people continue to suffer long after the danger has vanished.

One of the greatest problems with NGOs is that we drop into an area to do whatever good possible…we hold our heads up high and say, “We saved a few lives,”…and then we go home. Just like the storms we always leave…we never stay…and the people continue to suffer.

Even worse is that we get people accustomed to treatments which cannot be sustained after our departure. Are we helping? Or are we building a physical and mental expectation for medicines and services which will not return…at least not on a regular basis? A fair comparison is the Thanksgiving dinner we provide to the homeless…one day of the year. The rest of the time they eat from garbage bins.

So how do we overcome this glaring deficiency in humanitarian actions? How can we prolong our presence without going bankrupt back home? Even the UN with its immense budget fails to linger long enough to see a mission through to the end. Kate has brought this subject up several times…and it is one which deserves attention from ALL aid organizations.

I propose a summit…to include all NGOs…so we may discuss cooperation and coordination. There are enough of us do-gooders out there to sustain an effort if we work together. Let us discuss this proposal…and make it happen. Help us get the word out…quickly. The world needs us, so let’s get this done.


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