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Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 28, 2009

Recent activity for The Fishermen includes the following items:

1. The Fishermen is now fully registered with the United Nations and has applied for Consultative Status with ECOSOC.

2. We have received confirmation of safe receipt of our first shipment of medical supplies.

3. A second shipment of medical supplies will be shipped to another orphanage this month.

4. We will be speaking with students within the Wake County School System to encourage young adults to become more active in non-profit work. Our message is that anyone, of any age or from any neighborhood, can make the world a better place.

5. We are establishing relations with state and federal politicians, businesses, churches, and schools to promote our work and assist in fund-raising and supply drives. Children here in the United States will have the unique experience of campaigning for and connecting with orphaned children in another country! Our greatest hope is to promote the idea that we are all citizens of this world regardless of nationality or religion. We wish to teach cultural awareness and respect to local youths. Our overall aim is to teach through outreach, starting in one’s neighborhood and extending across the globe.

5. We are producing our first country report regarding health concerns in orphanages. We have selected Kyrgyzstan and will submit our findings to appropriate UN committees for consideration. It is our hope that this report will encourage improved medical support for the children of the Kyrgyz Republic.

6. We have solidified relations with Children of Tien-Shan, a wonderful child protection organization located in Kyrgyzstan. It is our goal to provide medical supplies to all of Kyrgystan’s orphanages through Children of Tien-Shan with the help of Irina Trofimova.

And to end, thank you to all of the good people who are helping us. Remember, with every small step we make the world a little better! Today we are sewing the seeds for a better tomorrow, and in the end a better, safe world for us all!

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