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Thank You To Our New Friends At Samaritan’s Purse!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 23, 2010

Our friends at Samaritans Purse generously donated 4,022 lbs. of food and medical supplies to be sent to the orphans and refugees along the Kyrgyz/Uzbek border.

We wish to send our blessings, and our gratitude!

This shipment, the first of this size and importance, is earmarked specifically for the orphans (and refugees) produced by the recent racially-motivated violence there. It is our hope to be able to send aid to sites of international crises around the globe.

We plan to ship within the next two weeks.

The Fishermen is beginning its first ever local fundraising campaign to raise the money to ship.
Expect to see lots of flyers and coin jars around Raleigh, NC!

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Kyrgyzstan in Crisis

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 17, 2010

On June 10, 2010, violence erupted between Kyrgyz nationals and ethnic Uzbeks in the southern city of Osh and quickly spread to the surrounding district of Kara Suu and the Jalal-Abad province, forcing over 125,000 men, women, and children to flee to the Kyrgyz/Uzbek border. An additional 300,000 have abandoned their homes due to the violence and property destruction. As many as 187 people have died with an estimated 1,966 wounded, although the actual numbers might be several times higher. Atrocities have been reported by survivors.

Unable to handle the large influx of refugees, Uzbekistan has allowed only a trickle to cross the border. Impromptu settlements have exploded at key checkpoints as a result. Schools and summer camps have been temporarily shut down and transformed into makeshift hospitals to tend to the wounded. All refugee centers have reported major water and sanitation problems.

The UNHCR, UNICEF, ICRC and other relief organizations have begun airlifting aid material to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan, but expressed concerns that the supplies were not reaching those in need. Even Kyrgyz medical teams were being prevented from entering the combat zone because of the fear of reprisals between the Kyrgyz and ethnic Uzbeks.

Major health concerns at this time are diarrheal disease, physical injuries due to violence and/or gunshot wounds, and psychological trauma. Relief agencies are scrambling to prevent widespread outbreaks of disease in the refugee camps on both sides of the border, but inadequate medical supplies and services are hindering their efforts. There is a great need for psycho-social support as well due to high numbers of refugees having witnessed severe violence including gender-based assault and rape.

Help us protect the children of Kyrgyzstan

We have medical supplies ready to be shipped to contacts in Bishkek whom are willing to travel to the south and deliver material to those in need. However, considering the scope of the conflict and that there is no end in sight to the hostilities, we require your help to accomplish the following:

1) We need tents for the temporary refugee camps on both the Kyrgyz and Uzbek sides of the border.
2) We need medical supplies to equip the field hospitals tending to the sick and wounded.
3) We need funding to deliver aid material to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.
4) We need funding to send a medical team to the refugee camps in Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

We have multiple contingency plans in effect to ensure our shipments reach their destinations:

1) Kyrgyz government contacts will deliver the aid material.
2) Kyrgyz civilian contacts will deliver the aid material.
3) We will piggyback UN shipments.
4) We will personally deliver aid material.

Since Kyrgyzstan was our first mission, we have had direct contact with those whom will help us get our aid material to the people. We trust their abilities and are satisfied that they will accomplish their goal. Your donations will reach their destinations quickly and safely.

Please help now and make a difference. We are prepared to engage this crisis with pinpoint accuracy and will make effective use of any donation you send. Many of the refugees have lost everything, so anything you provide will be gladly received. Children remain our focus and we will attend their needs first and foremost.
Join us in our effort to prevent the unnecessary deaths of hundreds of innocent people by supplying us with funds and medical donations. A list of needed material, mailing information, and funding requirements is below. Our 501(c)(3), W-9, and 990N are all available for immediate inspection.

Financial Goal – Kyrgyzstan: by July 15, 2010: $35,416.91

· Shipping: 25 Packages @ 60lbs each = $1,235.91
· Medical Supplies: $25,000.00
· Medical Team: $9,181.00 (1 team of 2 people for 3 weeks service in the field)

Medical Supply List – Kyrgyzstan

· Respirators rated for TB or better (0.9micron)
· Disposable airway kits
· Disposable bag valve resuscitators (infant and pediatric)
· Burn sheets
· Band aids (all sizes and shapes)
· Abdominal pads
· Trauma dressings
· Sterile dressings
· Gauze rolls
· Waterproof medical tape
· Elastic bandages
· Eye pads
· Petroleum gauzes
· Nitrile gloves (small, medium, large)
· Hot/Cold packs
· Iodine (preferably in individual packs rather than bottles)
· Bandage scissors (5 1/2 and 7 1/4)
· Splinter forceps
· Kelly forceps
· Shears
· Burn pads
· CPR masks (disposable)
· Bacitracin ointment
· Triple antibiotic ointment
· PVP swabsticks
· Blood Stopper bandages
· Kerlix rolls
· Hand sanitizer
· Finger splints
· Hand-powered pediatric suction units
· Surgical gowns
· Prepackaged 1st Aid Kits
· Q-tips
· Cotton balls
· Tongue depressors
· Rubbing alcohol swabs
· Feminine hygiene products
· Anti-flea and lice shampoo

Shipping Information:
The Fishermen
3820-5 Colby Drive
Raleigh, NC 27609

Contact us:

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The Fishermen attended our first community event!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 17, 2010

Alexander Gowen, Director of The Fishermen. 04/17/10.

We were sure to have at least one person present to answer inquiries at all times! We all took shifts, and worked smoothly together.

The April 17th Health Fair hosted by St. Raphael’s Catholic Church was a great success! A big thank you to Beverly Simmons and the folks at the Social Justice Committee for allowing us the opportunity to participate.  We were able to connect with interested individuals and medical groups from all over the Triangle. We were even able to pull in two enthusiastic volunteers for the event, our friends Richard and his daughter Claire. Their combined support, expertise, and passion were and are an invaluable resource. Thank you, guys, for a great day and a job well done!

04/17/10 Our display at the St. Raphael's Health Fair, with Richard Wilson, his daughter Claire Wilson, and myself standing to invite folks to talk...and for Alex to take a picture! Photo by Alex Gowen.

Left to Right: Claire, Richard, and Alex. Richard has great expertise and a big heart, both of which are manifest in his passion for our cause!

Our beautiful display board really brought everything together, courtesy of Claire Wilson.

Everyone walked away with new knowledge and a positive attitude!

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