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A Proposal from the Directors of The Fishermen

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 14, 2018

As I watched Florence come and go it reminded me of our work. The storm will always pass…it never stays…and leaves behind whatever mess it created. The people continue to suffer long after the danger has vanished.

One of the greatest problems with NGOs is that we drop into an area to do whatever good possible…we hold our heads up high and say, “We saved a few lives,”…and then we go home. Just like the storms we always leave…we never stay…and the people continue to suffer.

Even worse is that we get people accustomed to treatments which cannot be sustained after our departure. Are we helping? Or are we building a physical and mental expectation for medicines and services which will not return…at least not on a regular basis? A fair comparison is the Thanksgiving dinner we provide to the homeless…one day of the year. The rest of the time they eat from garbage bins.

So how do we overcome this glaring deficiency in humanitarian actions? How can we prolong our presence without going bankrupt back home? Even the UN with its immense budget fails to linger long enough to see a mission through to the end. Kate has brought this subject up several times…and it is one which deserves attention from ALL aid organizations.

I propose a summit…to include all NGOs…so we may discuss cooperation and coordination. There are enough of us do-gooders out there to sustain an effort if we work together. Let us discuss this proposal…and make it happen. Help us get the word out…quickly. The world needs us, so let’s get this done.


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A Question of Adoption

Posted by worldorphanrelief on November 15, 2017

Many of you have asked me about adopting a child from Ukraine. It is not my purview but I will make an exception for Nikita. He comes with difficulties but he is a wonderful…loving… little guy.

Nikita suffers from a growth hormone disorder as well as subsequent mental complications. Our immediate concern is to get him properly diagnosed, but adoption would be far better.

Again – out of my area but if you are interested I will help you with adoption inquiries. Nikita is from Gorsk, Lugansk region, Ukraine.

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Update Serbia Mission 1

Posted by worldorphanrelief on November 15, 2017

As an extension of UA Mission 8, Kate, Katya, and I plan to travel to Serbia to visit special needs orphanages and spend time with the children. Below is a short video by Human Rights Watch exemplifying why we are needed there.

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Summary : UA Mission 7

Posted by worldorphanrelief on November 13, 2017

As you know, UA Mission 7 was somewhat of a surprise. I intended to do a bit of teaching at the Lysychansk State Medical College after dropping off the Resuscitation Annie dolls, and Kate and I planned to visit Misha and his family. This was the extent of our declared activities.

What happened in addition to the above made it necessary to upgrade my visit to “mission” status. They are as follows:

1) Thanks to Robert W. Filion, we were able to complete and begin distribution of Misha’s video appeal for assistance to help his family obtain the treatment for his SMA disorder. We are hoping for great success in this regard.

2) We teamed up with Katya – an amazing aid worker we met during UA Mission 5 – and visited a special needs school in Gorsk wherein we met Nikita who suffers from a rare growth hormone disorder, and Nikita who suffers from Leukemia. We also obtained a list of needs from the administration which would help the other children. We will do everything possible to help them.

3) Kate, Katya and I discussed and locked-in an aid mission to the DR Congo for later next year. This mission was already planned as a part of a documentary tour through the war zone of North and South Kivu. But, with the addition of Katya, real medical aid work will be accomplished rather than just supply and support.

4) Kate and I discovered 5 large special needs orphanages in Serbia which are too underfunded to properly care for their children. Plans are underway for our team to visit these institutions early next year and help them however we are able.

5) The idea was discussed to initiate a course in Lysychansk for parents of special needs children to help instruct them on proper care. This course would be manned by volunteers – experienced special needs teachers from NC.

6) My NC/Lysychansk Medical Exchange initiative was successfully launched. Two…possibly three…guest teachers have already volunteered to educate students of the Lysychansk State Medical College. This is a non-political and 100% voluntary endeavor to help improve medical care in the Lugansk region.

For what was supposed to be a simple teaching endeavor attached to spending time with my fiance, it turned into quite a successful and important mission. As always, I am more than happy to help the people of Lysychansk and will do whatever I can to improve their lives.

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Ukraine Mission 7 Under Way

Posted by worldorphanrelief on October 2, 2017

Ukraine Mission 7 is under way.  I will be teaching at several schools as well as the Lysychansk State Medical College.  Additionally, I will be delivering 4 “Resuscitation Annie” dolls to said college.  Many thanks for your support and for keeping my home secure while abroad!

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Ukraine Mission 7 Update

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 22, 2017

Katya and I are officially cancelling our humanitarian aid operation into the Lugansk People’s Republic (the occupied zone). The orphaned children ABSOLUTELY need help, but all of our supporters have ceased communication. If they will not work with us we have no choice but to abandon this well-intended mission. Such a pity that these children must continue to

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Venezuela/Fishermen Update

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 22, 2017

I am the leader of the upcoming rescue mission and its success or failure rests on my shoulders and my shoulders alone. Method of extraction to be determined but not announced.

This also marks the gradual turning of our attention away from Ukraine and towards other areas of need. Since our last few shipments – EMS/Fire uniforms and other material – seemed unnecessary and our presence more symbolic rather than useful, Katya and our staff will focus on more immediate areas of concern such as Congo.

We will always be available to the people of Ukraine. When you need us again we will always answer your call. All current projects (Misha, medical initiatives, and a few unannounced goals) will continue until successfully completed.

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Ukraine/Venezuela Update

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 18, 2017

While Katya and I are awaiting Ukrainian government approval for our LPR Mission, we will be focusing on rescuing the family in Venezuela and getting them to safety in America. We will keep you updated on preparations.

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Little-Known Fact about Me and Ukraine

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 17, 2017

Americans pay attention to my thoughts and observations regarding the greater Lysychansk area, and many potential economic initiatives or other business endeavors quietly cross my desk for my humble opinion. It is a position of great honor and responsibility. I am glad that…with one exception…I have only good things to say about my favorite little city.

If you are planning a business venture or wish to engage your NGO in the Lysychansk area, I highly encourage you to contact me in order to avoid unexpected pitfalls and entanglements.  It will be my pleasure to help you as much as possible and provide you with an accurate and honest assessment.

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Ukraine Update

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 17, 2017

As you know, my upcoming visit to Ukraine is mainly about spending time with my fiance. However, there are a few important things which I will accomplish for the people of Lysychansk while I am there:

1) Teach at School Number 27
2) Teach at School Number 8
3) Teach at the Lysychansk State Medical College
4) Deliver 4 Resuscitation Annie dolls to the Lysychansk State Medical College

Though not much, my presence will be something which will help promote NC/Lysychansk relations and also contribute to the well-being of the people. It is always an honor to be of assistance to the people of Ukraine.

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