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Please Read the Attached UN Report on Explosive Dangers in East Ukraine

Posted by worldorphanrelief on October 14, 2015

The following the the most compelling report I have read on explosive dangers in eastern Ukraine. It is illustration-heavy and has many personal accounts of those in direct line of fire. I encourage you to read this so you understand fully how the people suffer and what we are trying to prevent without Ukraine Mission 3..…/collateral-the-human-cost-of-expl


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The Difference Between Ukraine Mission 2 and Ukraine Mission 3

Posted by worldorphanrelief on October 14, 2015

It sounds like they are the same mission but they are, in fact, very different. The last mission was to ensure the proper implementation of my “Do Not Touch” landmine/IED/ERW awareness book into UA school curriculum. 2,000 children at the time of my departure were up-to-speed with my course material.

Ukraine Mission 3 differs in that we have been invited by the government of Luhansk to directly teach all at-risk school children about explosive dangers. Additionally, we will be using UNICEF educational posters which will greatly reduce the cost of the mission and exponentially increase the number of children informed in far less time. The goal is greater numbers in a fraction of the time.

Added to Mission 3 will be direct medical support to children at the Lysychansk Children’s Hospital and Dnipropetrovsk Military Medical Hospital if needed. Considering Lysychansk is the only operational hospital in UA controlled Luhansk with patient numbers in excess of 10,000 I speculate we will be involved.

Mission 3 will be the busiest, most effective, and longest of the Fishermen’s missions abroad. The element of danger is incalculable due the shifting nature of the conflict but we will be under the protective umbrella of the UA government.

Photos: acceptance of my “Do Not Touch” book into the Ukrainian education system, Lysychansk Children’s Hospital, Lysychansk Children’s Home.

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