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Fishermen Announcement

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 13, 2019

Alex 93
Sarah and I created The Fishermen to respond to calls in places others dare not tread. I kept this goal alive but believe that in the past few years I have become soft, choosing known targets over dangerous ones because they are easier…cheaper. This ends today.
Effective immediately, I am reinstating the original concept of The Fishermen and placing harsh targets back on the list. Priority will be based on urgency, not convenience. If there are people in need who are not being accessed by aid agencies, we will take the call. Remember – this is who we are.
Ukraine Mission 10 will remain on the roster as well as Colombia Mission 2. They are set and will not be cancelled. Working with UNHRC in CO remains a primary task, as is alleviating the crisis in Venezuela. Mission announcements to harsh targets will be censored for security purposes.
I thank you all for your continued support. I am unsure where we will go after UA 10 and CO 2, but Kate and I can promise that wherever we land, we will make a difference.
Photo:  On the way to assist an orphanage under fire in Shchastya, 2014.

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