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The Children of Nepal Need Your Help!

Posted by worldorphanrelief on February 14, 2009

Help Us

The Orphan Help Center (OHC) greatest aim is to provide a home, an education and healthcare to street children and to children who had to flee their home for political or economic reasons.

We are located in Katmandu and are currently hosting 10 children between 9 and 15 years old. The names of the children are: Santosh, Sajina, Chhewang, Hom Bdr, Sarita, ShreeKrishna, Rupesh, Aita, Ranjana and Bijay who is the oldest one.

Most of the children are in a critical phase of their lives and this is the time when their needs are at peak. They are growing fast and need new clothes, first or second hand. They need adequate food to be able to perform to their utmost in school and to grow up to be strong and healthy adults.

The mission of OHC is to do more than provide food and clothes for the children.
We want to give them a good education.
We want to give the children a home again, a home where they can be loved and cared for a home where they can play, have fun, and be children.
We want to see these children go out and make a difference in the world – the world that is giving them a chance today.

The Orphan Help Center needs donations and sponsors for the children. We need funds so we can continue with our goal to give unfortunate children a bright future, so we can send them out with a degree and self-confidence.

There are no parent or government handouts so we rely on your help. Everything from soap to school supplies. We are looking for permanent sponsors for each child. You can help with everything from a baseball to a bachelor degree.

With your small contribution,
The children will have a bright future !!

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