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UN Announcement

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 17, 2017

Kate and I are officially pulling out of the UN High Level Meeting on Human Trafficking in favor of helping the orphaned children of the LPR. Departure date to be announced when permits are granted.


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Prosthetic Hands Needed

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 9, 2017

While Katya and I were visiting the Children’s Hospital we were told of a 13 year-old boy who recently lost his hands due to a landmine somewhere near Lysychansk. It seems that the issue of ERWs is a problem with which the people of east Ukraine must endure for quite some time.

We are seeking prosthetic hands to donate to this child so that he may have a better life. Since this is a little out of our medical purview we seek any advice. We appreciate your immediate assistance on this matter as I will be returning to UA on the 3rd.

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Announcement of Intent – Ukraine Mission 7

Posted by worldorphanrelief on September 6, 2017

Katya and I are planning a very daring mission into the Lugansk People’s Republic – the occupied territory – for the specific and exclusive purpose of visiting orphanages and providing whatever aid possible. Kate is currently researching how many state and family orphanages are presently functioning in the LPR and a rough estimate of the number of children under their care.

Our task is to get an accurate number of orphanages and children therein, condition of their environment, and what supplies are needed most. If there is a children’s clinic along our path we will visit it as well. We have absolutely NO interests other than the above stated goals.


Our mission will be as short as possible and is mainly fact-finding – the data from which will be shared with UNICEF, UNHCR, and any other relevant agencies responsible for the care of children. All supplies gathered for the orphanages will be delivered to the declared recipients – if our mission is not successful the supplies will be transferred to both the Lysychansk Children’s Hospital and two local orphanages.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a political mission nor do we have any interest in politics – all we care about are the children. We understand that they are in great need and few are answering their call for help. We were created for this purpose so we are obligated to go to their aid.

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Help us Help Misha

Posted by worldorphanrelief on August 22, 2017


One of our most important endeavors is to help save the life of little Misha, who Katya and I met on UA Mission 5.  Misha suffers from a rare genetic disorder known as Spinal Muscular Atrophy, the treatment for which costs almost $2 million for the first two years alone.  Katya and I filmed a short video appeal for assistance in hopes of generating a lot of support for his case.  In the meantime, however, simple protein supplements such as the one in the above photo will help slow muscular deterioration.  If you are interested in donating please contact us at for shipping details.  We could use your help!

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VP Mitchenko to Speak on the Issue of Human Trafficking at the UN

Posted by worldorphanrelief on August 22, 2017


VP and Co-director Ekaterina Mitchenko will take on the complicated task of addressing the UN General Assembly this September on the issue of human trafficking in the Donbas region of Ukraine.  Few statistics exist on this critical matter which has affected many families and orphaned children in her region.  Included in Katya’s presentation will be inexpensive and effective suggestions on how to counter trafficking operations.

In addition to Ms. Mitchenko’s speech, President Alex Gowen will discuss the terrible state of affairs in his home state of North Carolina, which ranks among the worst for human trafficking.  The focus both presentations will be limited to minors and orphaned children.



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Our NC/Lysychansk Medical Cooperation Initiative

Posted by worldorphanrelief on August 22, 2017


During Ukraine Mission 6 Kate and I initiated our plan to connect NC doctors, nurses, and hospitals with the Children’s Hospital and Medical College of Lysychansk.  This is mainly an educational exchange with hopes of improving medical care for the Luhansk region.  At this point we are ready to put interested volunteers in touch with both institutions.  This is a great step forward with a permanent positive outcome for the people.

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Introducing our New Vice President and Co-Director

Posted by worldorphanrelief on August 22, 2017



We are happy to introduce our new vice president and co-director, Ekaterina Mitchenko.  She joined our team last May as our official Mission Photographer and proved to be an indispensable asset for our work in eastern Ukraine.  We have accomplished more with her help than during any previous mission.  Additionally, Ms. Mitchenko has been cleared by the UN to attend the upcoming meeting of the General Assembly to discuss human trafficking – a large and complicated problem in her country of Ukraine.  She will provide inexpensive and effective solutions to attending UN agencies and other NGOs in hopes of preventing more children of the Donbas region from becoming victims of trade operations.  Welcome to The Fishermen, Katya – we look forward to saving many lives with you!





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Ukraine Mission 6 Under Way

Posted by worldorphanrelief on July 19, 2017

Alex 187

After a hugely successful mission to Ukraine last month, I am returning to engage in a new and potentially region-changing endeavor.  I have been discussing cooperation between North Carolina medical facilities and universities and those in Lysychansk.  If negotiations are successful it will mean greater care for all in the Luhansk oblast.  I will be departing for UA next week and will be in-country for 3 weeks.

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Ukraine Mission 5 Under Way

Posted by worldorphanrelief on June 3, 2017

Alex 165

Today I embark on Mission 5 to the war zone of Ukraine (also called the ATO).  This mission is to achieve the following:  1)  deliver medical equipment to the Lysychansk Children’s Hospital, 2) teach conversational English, 3) teach human trafficking awareness.  This will be the longest mission thus far but also the most important.  Thank you all for being incredibly supportive of me and my charity’s work!

PS:  A special Thank You to my ex-wife, Sarah, without whom none of this would have been possible.


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Medical Aid for East Ukraine

Posted by worldorphanrelief on May 16, 2017

Donated by our friends at Samaritan’s Purse are an ECG, autoclave, and a pediatric surgical kit.  These will be delivered personally when I return to Lysychansk, Ukraine, early next month.

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