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The Ebola Orphans of Congo

Posted by worldorphanrelief on February 11, 2019

In late July/August, Kate and I will be attempt our first mission to the Democratic Republic of Congo.  We have been friends to the people of the DRC since 2012 and have delivered approximately $30,000 of medical aid, but this will be the first manned expedition.

As opposed to our original plans to tour North and South Kivu – an area which remains rife with conflict and complex IDP concerns – we plan to limit our activities to Kikwit and the surrounding communities.  This area is typically overlooked by aid agencies – a deficiency we wish to address.

DRC Ebola 9 2018

However, there is another issue which needs addressing – children who have been orphaned by the recent outbreaks of the Ebola virus. According to the latest reports by UNICEF there are over 400 children who have been orphaned by Ebola, but few aid agencies have responded to the call for their care. Many of these children are stigmatized and subsequently abandoned. Since orphaned children are our primary focus we must attempt to assist however possible.
When we travel to Congo this summer we will try to visit orphanages caring for these children. Our goal is to provide aid and attention, as well as compile a special report on their mental/physical condition as well as quality of care. This report will be presented to the UN.


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