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Summary : UA Mission 7

Posted by worldorphanrelief on November 13, 2017

As you know, UA Mission 7 was somewhat of a surprise. I intended to do a bit of teaching at the Lysychansk State Medical College after dropping off the Resuscitation Annie dolls, and Kate and I planned to visit Misha and his family. This was the extent of our declared activities.

What happened in addition to the above made it necessary to upgrade my visit to “mission” status. They are as follows:

1) Thanks to Robert W. Filion, we were able to complete and begin distribution of Misha’s video appeal for assistance to help his family obtain the treatment for his SMA disorder. We are hoping for great success in this regard.

2) We teamed up with Katya – an amazing aid worker we met during UA Mission 5 – and visited a special needs school in Gorsk wherein we met Nikita who suffers from a rare growth hormone disorder, and Nikita who suffers from Leukemia. We also obtained a list of needs from the administration which would help the other children. We will do everything possible to help them.

3) Kate, Katya and I discussed and locked-in an aid mission to the DR Congo for later next year. This mission was already planned as a part of a documentary tour through the war zone of North and South Kivu. But, with the addition of Katya, real medical aid work will be accomplished rather than just supply and support.

4) Kate and I discovered 5 large special needs orphanages in Serbia which are too underfunded to properly care for their children. Plans are underway for our team to visit these institutions early next year and help them however we are able.

5) The idea was discussed to initiate a course in Lysychansk for parents of special needs children to help instruct them on proper care. This course would be manned by volunteers – experienced special needs teachers from NC.

6) My NC/Lysychansk Medical Exchange initiative was successfully launched. Two…possibly three…guest teachers have already volunteered to educate students of the Lysychansk State Medical College. This is a non-political and 100% voluntary endeavor to help improve medical care in the Lugansk region.

For what was supposed to be a simple teaching endeavor attached to spending time with my fiance, it turned into quite a successful and important mission. As always, I am more than happy to help the people of Lysychansk and will do whatever I can to improve their lives.


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