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More Attention to be Paid to Orphaned Children who are Mentally and/or Physically Handicapped

Posted by worldorphanrelief on November 27, 2013

Kyrgyz RFE 2013

As we watch our own mental health system deteriorate, it is important to remember that elsewhere conditions are far worse than you can imagine.  Children born with a mental and/or physical handicap are often institutionalized and subsequently forgotten by the state, left to anguish silently with no one to speak for them.  This is not a dilemma limited to the third-world – even progressive, economically prosperous countries such as Japan still looking upon those suffering from mental and/or physical handicaps as being somewhat of a national embarrassment.

During my tour of Kyrgyz orphanages I spent time at an institution for disabled children.  The director was truly committed to the care of these wonderful children, but the state could not afford to provide them with even basic support.  The roof was collapsing, floors sunken, paint peeling from the walls, and windows broken.  Everything we take for granted they lacked, yet still they smiled the most heart-warming smiles knowing that someone cared enough to visit them.

Globally, there are many similar institutions filled with brilliant, talented, and loving children born with mental and/or physical handicaps, all of whom need our help.  It is out intention to explore institutions around the world and bring their needs to the attention of the international aid community and the United Nations.  It is time that these wonderful children receive the attention they deserve.

Photo courtesy of Radio Free Europe


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